JFF Beauty Salon.

COVID-19 Consent Form

– I understand the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still be highly contagious. It is impossible to determine who has it and who does not, given the current limits in virus testing.
– I understand that due to the frequency of visits of other clients, the characteristics of the virus, and the characteristics of hair services, that I have an elevated risk of contracting the virus simply by being in the salon.
– I confirm that I am not presenting any of the following symptoms of COVOID-19 listed below: 

Fever > 38C, or 100F, chills or body aches
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of sense of taste or smell
• Dry cough
• Sore Throat
– I confirm that I have not been around anyone with these symptoms in the past 14 days.
– I do not live with anyone who is sick or quarantined.
– To prevent the spread of contagious viruses and to help protect each other, I understand that I will have to follow the salon’s strict 


– I understand that air travel significantly increases my risk of contracting and transmitting the COVID-19 virus. And I understand that it is recommended social distancing of at least 6 feet.
– I verify that I have not traveled outside Canada in the past 14 days to countries that have been affected by COVID-19.


Digital Signature:

I agree to our privacy policy and understand that we do not collect your data for any illegal purposes, this serves as a Digital Signature and verifies that you fully agree to our safety policy for our services.

 This digital signature holds the same authority as a handwritten one.


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